09 July, 2007

The Latest Diet Gadget

It's a plate. I kid you not. A plate.

The plate has portions for veg, carbohydrate, protein marked out, so the idea is that when you're eating, you put food on your plate according to the lines and then your food intake will be balanced.

I'm in two minds about this plate. One half of me wants to laugh loudly, because if they really think that that's going to make a difference and make someone slim who would otherwise, without the magic plate, have been fat, then they need their heads screwing on straight. Being fat or not is not simply a matter of portion control and balance.

The other half of me wonders whether it might be a useful tool for some diabetics (and others who have to eat a certain sort of way to cope with whatever condition they have), because maybe some people find the idea of such a plate a handy way to measure what they are consuming, easier than fiddling around with scales etc.

BUT, if it really is a useful tool for helping with eating, then stop going on about body size! Don't contribute to the endless "Oh it could help with the obesity epidemic" speculation, stop making people feel like their body size is the only yardstick that matters! If eating a certain way is important, then make the measurement of success/progress a direct measurement of eating, or the direct consequences of eating (like blood sugar levels for diabetics).

And remember, every time YOU make body size the almighty yardstick, you run a big health risk for many people: when they do meet the eating goals but aren't the size you want them to be, they may think they have failed, and stop the good eating habits. And that will be YOUR fault for using the wrong target. STOP USING BODY SIZE AS A YARDSTICK.

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